Spring Car Care Checklist: Auto Maintenance in Ottsville, PA

Auto Maintenance Spring Car Care Ottsville, PA

The flowers are blooming, fields are turning green, and your local mechanic is waiting for you to come in. Winter takes a toll on your vehicle with ice and snow, potholes, and cold weather. Spring car care month is the perfect time to take care of your car with some preventative auto maintenance. 

Before hitting the road this summer, go through this spring car care checklist. It will save you the headache of getting a costly repair halfway through your road trip. If you’re looking for a new mechanic in Ottsville, PA stop by Cunningham’s Automotive for your vehicle’s spring checkup.

Check Your Fluids

Before heading out on a road trip, you should have all your fluids checked and topped up or replaced if needed.

Engine Oil

Spring is the perfect time to change your oil and oil filter. Winter driving is dirty which can lead to increased debris in your engine oil. Before hitting the road, have your oil and oil filter checked.

Brake Fluid

Over time, moisture and air make their way into the brake fluid. This lowers the boiling point of the brake fluid and reduces your car’s braking performance. Wet winter driving leaves your vehicle vulnerable to this dangerous occurrence making spring an ideal time to check the brake fluid.

Closed System Fluids

For closed systems, such as your power steering and coolant systems, low fluid levels may indicate a leak. You’ll be glad you discovered a coolant leak before you’re hundreds of miles from home in a heatwave.

Belts and Hoses

Cold weather often causes rubber to become brittle. Have your belts and hoses checked for cracks, blistering, or warping. Catching these issues before they develop into more serious damage will save you a headache and some cash.

Windshield Care

You might have neglected your windshield washer fluid during the winter thanks to increased precipitation. This is also a great time to replace your wiper blades. Those surprise spring showers will not go easy on your deteriorating blades from last year!

Change Your Tires

Spring is the ideal time to swap out your tires to maximize your safety and gas mileage. You should also have your tires checked for normal wear and tear to ensure your safety on the road. 

Change Your Air Filter

Popping in a fresh cabin air filter will keep the air you breathe free of pollen, dust, and other allergens that come with the warmer weather. A new air filter will also discourage mold and mildew buildup from the damp winter.

Check Your Battery

Heat causes batteries to wear down more quickly. You should have your battery tested each spring to catch damage before it causes you to break down on the road. You should expect a battery to last about three years, after this it should be checked annually.

Undercarriage Wash

An undercarriage blast washes away any remaining road salt deposits. Failure to remove these deposits causes corrosion and rust. Rust causes millions of dollars a year in damage to vehicles. An undercarriage wash is an easy, affordable prevention strategy.

Auto Maintenance in Ottsville, PA

Ready to get your car refreshed for spring? Make an appointment at Cunningham’s Auto Repair. We take your safety and your budget seriously. Our experienced technicians will have you on the road in no time.