Cunningham’s Automotive Repair offers a FREE Multipoint ‘Courtesy Check’ to all customers’ vehicles when you come into our Ottsville repair center. Our technicians at Cunningham’s strive to keep you well informed on the condition of your automobile, to deliver peace of mind that your automobile is in safe and dependable condition, to keep it looking and feeling like new, and to make it perform and handle the way that you expect it to.

If our technician tells you that a repair or replacement is required it must meet the following criteria:

  • The part no longer performs its intended purpose
  • The part does not meet a design specification
  • The part is missing

The technician may also suggest repair or replacement if:

  • The part is close to the end of its useful life- just above discard specifications or likely to fail soon
  • To address a customer need or request- like for better ride or increased performance
  • To comply with maintenance recommended by the vehicle’s manufacturer
  • Based on the technician’s informed experience
  • Cunningham’s Automotive Repair wants the best for you and for you to keep coming back. We are committed to providing automotive maintenance information to help you be confident in your service decisions.

    You can call us at 610-847-6006 or use our online form to schedule an appointment today!