Fall Car Care Maintenance Tips in Ottsville, PA

Fall Car Care, Heating System, Wiper Blades, Battery, TiresFall is my favorite time of year. I adore seeing the leaves change colors and hearing the geese honking in the sky as they head south. I also love my car, so I’m going to take part in October’s Fall Car Care Month. You can participate, too, by inspecting your car’s tires, battery, and wiper blades for damages and wear. Now is the perfect time to replace those items before more severe winter weather sets in. It’s also a good idea to check that your car’s heating system is working correctly.


Top 5 Fall Car Care Items

Car maintenance is a never-ending cycle. The more you drive your car, the more upkeep there tends to be. But even if you work from home or take public transportation most days, your vehicle still needs routine maintenance. Here are the top 5 fall car care items that should be inspected and serviced this month.

The Heating System

It’s awful being stuck in a frigid car on your way to work because the heater or defroster has decided to die. The heating system in your vehicle is complex and has a lot of different parts that must all work together. If even one component is faulty, it can bring down the entire system. If there is low airflow, no hot air, or a sweet smell in the car’s interior when you run the heater (or defroster), make an HVAC Service appointment to get it sorted.

The Battery 

Inspect your car’s battery for signs of corrosion on the terminals and cables. You can clean off excess corrosion with a mixture of baking soda and cool water. Simply apply the mixture, scrub with a stiff brush, and rinse with clean water. Next, make sure the cables are tight and the battery is secured in the engine compartment. You don’t want your battery to move around or possibly tip over while you’re driving. Finally, check the charge of your battery using a multimeter. If you prefer to leave the inspection and cleaning to the experts, schedule a battery service.

Wiper Blades & Fluid

Before testing your wiper blades, clean them and your windshield with a damp rag or towel to remove surface dirt and grime. Now, test your wipers using the windshield fluid. If they cannot remove the wetness from the glass without streaking or squeaking, then it’s time for replacements. Make sure to also top off the windshield wiper fluid reservoir with a winter-safe formula to prevent it from freezing.

Tires & Wheels

The tires and wheels are a crucial safety feature on your car and should be checked frequently. If you don’t feel qualified to assess the safety of your tires and wheels, bring your vehicle in for a tire and wheel service.

Air Pressure

Maintaining proper air pressure is one of the easier tasks to perform yourself. Use a quality digital gauge to test the pressure. Always fill the tires to the recommended pressure noted in your car’s manual or on the sticker in the door jam. Do not keep the tire pressure set to the number on the tire; that’s the maximum pressure rated safe by the manufacturer.   

Tire Tread

Fall weather often brings rain, sleet, and even snow to certain areas. Be certain you have adequate tire tread to navigate any road hazards and inclement weather. Talk with your service technician about winter tires if your climate warrants it.

Clean Car Inside & Out

Some of us are neat freaks, and some tend to accumulate unnecessary items in our cars. Now is a great time to put away those summer toys, sports equipment, and accessories. Here are a few helpful suggestions to get you started.

  • Wash exterior body, windows, and mirrors
  • Wax the body to help protect the paint
  • Clean interior windows and mirrors
  • Vacuum interior, clean floor mats, dash, and seats
  • Throw out trash, put away non-essential items
  • Restock essential items (first aid kit, emergency kit, flat tire kit)

Fall Car Care Service in Ottsville, PA

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