The following videos will help to provide you with general tips for basic car maintenance and to help you spot any potential problems with your vehicle that need professional maintenance or repair.

A great detailed explanation of the numbers on your tire sidewall. These numbers tell you everything you need to know about your tire size, load capacity, speed rating, weather conditions, as well as when and when it was manufactured.

This video describes an excellent technique used to adjust your car side view and rear view mirrors in order to best see blind spots.


Checking your engine coolant. Learn about the different types of engine coolant: 50/50 pre-diluted antifreeze and undiluted coolant (follow directions on the container for distilled water to coolant ratio which should be mixed in a separate container). Learn how to fill your radiator reservoir and your radiator. Learn how to safely remove/replace radiator cap. Check your radiator hoses for cracking/leaking.

Great tips on how to protect your car from hot weather. On a sunny day, the temperature inside a car can be 40 degrees hotter compared to the outside temperature. Use these simple methods to keep your car cool and running properly.


When cleaning a car battery, a simple mixture of baking soda and water can help to neutralize the acid buildup on the battery terminals. Find out how to clean a car battery with a toothbrush and a hose to prlong the life of your battery and to keep it running efficiently.

Great video about the maintenance of your windshield wiper blades. Rub them down with an alcohol pad to clean and condition the rubber. Includes a simple tutorial for changing your wiper blade assembly or just the rubber part of the blades.