Cunningham’s Automotive Repair is one of the leaders in Ottsville for the service, repair, and replacement of automotive air conditioning (A/C) components. It’s really easy to take your vehicle’s air conditioner for granted. Just push the buttons and out comes cool, dry, clean air. But your air conditioning system needs attention from time to time to help it keep it’s cool.

Air conditioning systems are fairly complex. They have a lot of parts and when it is broken, it is expensive to repair. A common cause of air conditioning failure is leaks. This is caused by water and air that leak into the system; water causes rust and corrosion which can lead to damage of the components, and the system does not work well with air in it. Refrigerant, which is what makes the cold air, can leak out, which reduces the efficiency of the system.

Some things we can do to prevent air conditioning breakdowns are:

  • Periodically evacuate the air conditioning system and recharge it
  • Run the air conditioner regularly so that it lubricates itself and keeps the seals from drying out, which leads to leaks
  • Your owner’s manual will have recommendations for how often to service your vehicle’s air conditioning system. Of course, if it isn’t working right, now is the time to get it checked.

    Our services for HVAC- heating, ventilation, and air conditioning include:

    • Accumulator
    • Air Conditioning
    • Air Conditioning Recharge
    • Ambient Temperature Switch
    • Blower Motor
    • Blower Motor Relay
    • Blower Motor Repair
    • Blower Motor Replacement
    • Blower Motor Resistor
    • Blower Motor Switch
    • Cabin Temperature Sensor
    • Compressor Repair
    • Condenser
    • Control Assembly
    • Control Module
    • Discharge Air Temperature Sensor
    • Evaporator
    • Heater
    • Heater Core
    • Heater Hose
    • High Pressure Safety Valve
    • Receiver Dryer
    • Refrigerant Charge
    • Refrigerant Leaks
    • Relays and Modules
    • Vacuum Reservoir
    • Vacuum Solenoid Valve

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